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Juncker's €300bn investment plan targets long-term infrastructure assets

The European Commission has unveiled ambitious proposals to invest €300bn in the Continent’s economy, hoping to attract institutional capital with guarantees aimed at reducing the risk of projects.

Under the proposals, which will see €5bn diverted from the European Investment Bank and €16bn in EU guarantees, the European executive said it hoped to attract €240bn to long-term investment projects and a further €75bn in funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

[...] James Cameron, chairman of Climate Change Capital, also saw the plans as a positive step, but warned that all projects should avoid high-carbon industries.

“If allocated wisely, with an eye on the future for all citizens, the rebuilding of Europe’s infrastructure is a tremendous opportunity for the EU to enable a low-carbon economy, which will create good jobs both in the design and implementation of this new world,” he said.

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