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James Cameron: Clean tech has to promise an alluring transformation

Last week, BusinessGreen chaired an event for the Sustainability Hub on the lessons the auto industry and its successful efforts cutting carbon emissions hold for the wider economy.

As part of the event, James Cameron, non-executive chairman of Climate Change Capital, gave a short speech on how the transport sector could provide a template for other clean tech industries to follow. Below is the speech in full:

"I have just come back from the BNEF summit in New York, which this year was very, very successful, with a huge turnout. More than 1,200 people turned up, more than they were planning for. The rooms were packed and there was a very optimistic feeling in the corridors, people were doing deals and were excited about the prospects for clean energy in particular - it was striking.

But it is also true that the story is not well told. So I am going to suggest that this particular sector, the transportation sector, is quite a good base for telling that story - a story that is essentially optimistic, positive, and corresponds with people's wants and desires.

There has been a tendency in the debate, certainly about climate change, to shape the conversation with fear. To essentially expect that we all have permanently pure motives for all our day-to-day decisions and that we can practise as individuals that which we hope might be practised by us all as a society. And often it is too much, and we feel defeated before we have got started.

So my suggestion is that if you look at the transportation sector there is enough in there that is alluring and attractive, and as such some of the elements of the green transformation that is under way provide tremendous encouragement for the rest of the low carbon space.

Read the full speech at BusinessGreen's website

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