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Europe pushes green investment

EIB and EC put forward a plan to encourage local banks to support projects

2015 – a year for the EU to rebuild climate diplomacy links

Latvia has made climate action a priority of its EU Council presidency, so where next for the bloc?

What does ‘the Lima call to climate action’ mean for investors?

"It’s very important to see the first few national plans, to see if they’re good quality, and can be relied on” says James Cameron

Part 2 - Stranded Assets - engage or divest?

Industry experts discussed whether engagement or divestment is the best approach for institutional investors to deal with the stranded assets risk

The Big Drop: Cheap oil burns green energy

Governments taking tougher action on global warming may dampen fossil fuel use, says Ian Temperton

Gradual Carbon Squeeze to Beat Climate Deadlock, Brazil Says

Brazil assumes a more constructive view on the role of developing economies to tackle climate change

China and US deal to curb emissions draws mixed response

The US-China deal on emissions is a further wake up call to the investment community says James Cameron

Part 1 - Investors face up to a future of stranded assets

Industry experts from the two sides of the "Stranded Assets" debate discussed what this means for investors at a recent roundtable